Carpet Stains Are Not A Problem If You Remove Them Immediately

No matter how careful you are around the house, you cannot avoid having stains on your carpets. It is a normal, everyday occurrence in the life of every household, especially if you have small children. Actually, stains are not a big issue unless you procrastinate and leave them unaddressed – then you will have the hardest of times removing them.

Coffee, wine, and typical sauces like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise are a nightmare to remove if you give them more than an hour on the floor. You do not need a special detergent or any professional equipment to deal with the problem – carefully wipe the stain with a wet tissue, then apply baking soda or white vinegar on the spot and rub it in. The stain should come off immediately – if there is any residue on the fabrics, you can repeat the procedure once or twice more.

While the coffee and wine will only leave an ugly stain, the kitchen stuff I mentioned is more dangerous. Ketchup and mayonnaise contain organic fats that will attract all kinds of small particles and will loosen the fabrics of the carpet. To prevent this, you should react quickly or call a professional cleaner as soon as possible.