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News NSF International Scientists Announce Discovery Of New Bacterium, Same Family As E. Coli And Klebsiella Pneumonia
Scientists at NSF International’s Applied Research Center announced today that they have discovered a new bacterium, Klebsiella michiganensis (K. michiganensis) … Read News

A S Cleaning Services

News Real-Life ‘Gravity’ Space Debris Spells Business For Astrium
“Gravity,” in which satellite debris sets astronauts Sandra Bullock and George Clooney adrift in space, turned into a blockbuster for Warner Bros. Astrium wants real-life spatial waste to do the same for the company. … Read News

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News Energy Company Addresses Issues
NEWPORT — Houston-based company Torch Renewable Energy LLC expects its proposed wind and solar energy facility to bring a lot of benefits to both this town and Carteret County without any negative imp … Read News