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Great CompanyLoved their work FredMedford

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Janitorial Cleaning Company

Member Of The Buildings Owners And Management Association Of …Your Current Cleaning Company • Is it locally owned and operated? • Are they fully insured and bonded? • Do you have easy access to their decision- … Content Retrieval Buying A Janitorial – Department Of Corporations – State Of …In a typical janitorial cleaning franchise, you pay the Read the company's disclosure document. Review it carefully to learn more about your...

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The Cleaning Company

The New Battle For Corporate ControlThe rise and success of activist investors is changing the dynamic in the battle for corporate control, NYT reports. … Read News The Sordid Saga Of Airbnb — A $10 Billion "outlaw Middleman" — ContinuesBut nobody seems to be calling out how those two things are connected, except perhaps in ValleyWag’s passing but spot-on reference to the SF-based company as an “outlaw middleman.” … Read...

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Cleaning Services

Google Exec: Web Presence Key To Small Business GrowthFARGO – Almost 60 percent of small businesses in the United States do not have a website. Some have no online presence at all. … Read News Local Assembly Members Against Smoking Ban BillPhoto by Marie Dirle/New Jersey Herald – Of all the signs adorning the entrance to Lodestar Park in Fredon, one ordering a smoke-free park is central. … Read...

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Green Cleaning Companies

Santa Monica, Other Cities Seek Water IndependenceSince 2010, Santa Monica has doled out 385 rebates to homeowners who direct rainwater back into their gardens as part of a broader effort to become water independent that also includes cleaning up contaminated groundwater and recycling water. … Read News America's Energy EdgeMODERATOR: Hello, everyone. Good afternoon. Could I have your attention? Thank you. We're about to get started. Just a few quick...

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Elliot Kaplan


It was easy to get hold of them, they arrived on time and they are willing to come early in the morning (even before 8:00 am). The job was very well done. They are very nice people. They made sure that they did get other parts of the house dirty (they did only the bedrooms, the living room is hardwood). I think they were quite efficient. I did this through a group deal in Angie's list so the price is cheaper than their regular prices.

Ricardo Gutfraind Cambridge, MA
Having moved into a new apartment in September I signed up for the special offer to have the wall to wall carpet in two rooms and a hallway cleaned.

The proprietor of Airglide called me right away after I signed up to say that the response had been overwhelming. He explained that he couldn't get to the cleaning until November. That was perfect for me. He called again in November and we set a date for December 8th. The owner and his two assistants arrived exactly when they were scheduled. They immediately started to work with little fuss and great efficiency. They actually finished in 45 minutes. Everything was perfectly clean, they quickly packed up their equipment and were off. It was a great experience and I will definitely use them again when my carpets need cleaning again.

Susan Faxon
avatarMr. Kaplan responded quickly to my call (I had had another company scheduled for the day before, and they called me 3X during their appt. "window" to tell me they would be late etc. I fired them). I found Mr. Kaplan on Angie's list, however, and gave me an estimate over the phone, and was here at the time promised. They not only did great work,, going beyond the promised services, but also charged me exactly what he estimated. He and his staff were polite, and worked quickly and efficiently. It was a pleasure doing business with him and his staff.

Barbara Murray Brookline, MA
avatarElliot Kaplan and his experienced crew of two arrived promptly, as scheduled. This is my first experience with a carpet/rug cleaning service. I was pleasantly surprised to see how thoroughly clean these well-used rugs and carpets turned out. I am impressed with Airglide's professionalism, service and pricing. I can confidently recommend them to my friends and family. That is saying a lot coming from a 70 year old Virgo!!

Myron Tupa Cambridge, MA
Elliot Kaplan came right on time and he brought 3 men with him. They brought in a huge drum for the water and dirt (about 5 feet tall). He looked over the carpets and chairs and began cleaning right way. All the men were involved in the process, and they took their time. This was not a rush job like some cleaners. I was very impressed with the results. I will certainly call Mr. Kaplan again next year.
I would hightly recommend Airglide to anyone considering a carpet cleaner.

Mr. Elliot Kaplan and his men did a top-notch job on both the carpets and the chairs.
I will definately call him again next year.

Stephan Cooper
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