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Natural Cleaning Tips for Everything in Your Home, Yard and even Car – eMaxHealth

Natural Cleaning Tips for Everything in Your Home, Yard and even Car – eMaxHealth

by spainops
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Vinegar to clean ovens, headlights, ceramic tile, showers, doorknobs, and unclog drains

Recently I had a stubborn clogged drain. I spent about almost $20 in expensive and caustic drain openers and it still wouldn’t drain, even after taking off the pea trap and giving it a thorough cleaning. Then I remembered seeing a video using baking soda and vinegar followed by hot water. I just poured baking soda down the drain, the added vinegar and let the cleaning begin. To my amazement a huge amount of hair bubbled up from somewhere deep in the drain. I cleaned the sink, repeated the process and followed with hot water. The drain was not only open it worked better than it had in years. So, not more expensive drain openers when I can buy a gallon of vinegar and a box of baking soda for total of about $3. (Also see how common home fixtures may be killing You).

Vinegar and baking soda also work great on stubborn baked on food and grease in your oven. Add a little water to baking soda, and apply inside oven or on stovetop. Let the paste sit for several hours. Take a clean spray bottle from the dollar store and fill with distilled white vinegar. Spray on surfaces of oven then wipe off. Stubborn areas may need to be scraped with spatula, but most of the grime will come right up.

I also discovered the same technique can be used to clean dingy headlights. Clean the headlight with Windex first then apply a mixture of baking soda and water (you’ll want a thick paste and finally spray with vinegar and clean with soft cloth.

I use vinegar in hot water when cleaning my ceramic tile floors. Recently I posted a photo of my dog on Facebook and instead of commenting on the dog someone asked how I got my floors so clean. Vinegar is a natural degreaser as well so I use it on kitchen counters, the refrigerator and to clean doorknobs. (Don’t miss: 5 Surprising Germ Hot Zones in Your Kitchen).

Vinegar is a natural antiseptic and kills viruses as well as other germs. Keep a spray bottle of vinegar and spritz inside shower and on shower doors for a sparkling clean after every shower.

Lemon and Olive or Grapeseed oil to clean wood floors and furniture

Why buy expensive furniture and floor cleaners when you can make your own? I live in a house that’s 120 years old and the wood floors have taken a beating. I’ve used products such as Murphy’s Oil Soap, which work well, but realized I could make my own. You’ll need a gallon of hot water, ¾ cut olive or grapeseed oil, and ½ cup lemon juice. The water and lemon juice will.

This formula does double duty. The hot water and lemon clean the floor, and the addition of olive oil leaves your wood floors with a nice, natural sheen. Simply apply it to your floors with a mop that you’ve wrung out fairly well; then let it dry on its own. No need for rinsing – once it dries, your floors will look great! You can make a furniture police with a cup of grapeseed oil and a ½ cup lemon juice. Use a clean cloth to apply and wipe clean.

Tea, coffee, or walnut paste to cover scratches on wood floors and furniture and even color hair

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