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How to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring {May HOD}

How to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring {May HOD}

by spainops
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Happy May!  It’s time to get your yard ready for spring! With all of the wet weather that we’ve been having, it’s really not feeling very spring-like around here but I’m trying my best.  Hopefully the weather will turn around soon as I have big plans for our outdoor spaces this year!

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Last month we worked on organizing the home office spaces and paperwork, and this month The Household Organization Diet is moving outside!  This one can be a little trickier due to the weather and I find that scheduling off bigger chunks of time {such as a whole afternoon or even a weekend} is really needed for me to get everything done.  Put in the time now to get your yard cleaned and organized, and you will be able to kick back and enjoy your outdoor living spaces once summer arrives.

Get your yard ready for spring with these free organization printables, to-do lists, tips and tutorials and more!

P.S. If your family needs a Mother’s Day gift idea, some new plants or outdoor flowers, new patio furniture or decor, or even an I.O.U. for a yard helping day might be a nice suggestion! 😉

The May Household Organization Diet Printables

So here are the plans for this month to get your yard ready for spring…

How to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring. Free printable May notes for The Household Organization Diet.


I like to keep track of when I’m going to do what on a monthly calendar.  Make your {realistic!} monthly plan and stick to it! Some people like to do a little each day and others would like to block off a longer time period once per week.  Do whatever works best for your time schedule and personality.

How to Get Your Outdoor Spaces Ready for Spring. Free printable May calendar for The Household Organization Diet.


Keep a notes sheet {or two!} handy to jot down any projects, home improvement ideas, extra tasks, etc. that you would like to do.  You might want to use one for tasks that you would like to do this month and a second sheet for future projects that you would like to do in your yard or the exterior of your home.

How to Get Your Outdoor Spaces Ready for Spring. Free printable May notes for The Household Organization Diet.


Last summer we decided to paint our wooden deck due to the poor condition of the wood.  We chose a pretty grey color and I loved how it looked against the stained wood on the fence.  I was really wanting a New Hampshire beach cottage feel and was so happy with how it turned out.  Unfortunately, I’m sad to report that it did not do well over the winter with the weather and constant abuse from our dog.  While we could sand and re-paint, we’re really looking for something that’s lower maintenance and can stand up to all of our use. So… we are going to go another route and start from scratch.  If all things go as planned, I should have a new back patio to show you at the end of the month!

I also have a lot of plans for our front yard this year in addition to all of the regular cleaning and maintenance.  For those of you that didn’t see Fridays post about ways to increase your home’s curb appeal, you can head over HERE to see what all the plans are.  By the length of my to-do list, I’m thinking that this month’s HOD will be going well into June! 😉

Ready to Get Going?

I have put together all of my past outdoor posts for you so you can have them all in one place.  These should pretty much get you through all of the tasks on your list with outdoor cleaning tips, easy DIY projects, and lots of outdoor design and decor inspiration.  If there is anything else that you need, just let me know!

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Whew! I think that should keep you busy for the month!


This post is part of The Household Organization Diet.  If you need some organization inspiration, check out THIS POST  to learn more about the plan and THIS POST for all of the 2017 updates.  It’s updated on the first of every month with the new plan so don’t forget to bookmark it! You CAN get that house cleaned and organized once and for all!  To see all of the previous posts click the Get Organized tab at the top of the blog and go to The Household Organization Diet.  I also have all of the posts pinned to my Household Organization Diet Pinterest Board.  Start at any time and make sure you are following along so you don’t miss out…


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Get your yard ready for spring with these free organization printables, to-do lists, tips and tutorials and more! The May Household Organization Diet.

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