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15 Wonderfully Simple Kitchen Cleaning Tips

15 Wonderfully Simple Kitchen Cleaning Tips

by spainops
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Whether you do your best to keep your house spic and span all the time, or cleaning is one of those things you put off until you have company coming over, there are undoubtedly things in your house you don’t know how to clean, or thought you did but don’t. The kitchen is an area with tons of things that require specifical cleaning to get truly clean or to save lots of time and effort in cleaning. There are even little places (like between the glass on your oven door) that may have never occurred to you to clean at all or that you didn’t know how to tackle. Check out these commonly

The kitchen is an area with tons of things that require specifical cleaning to get truly clean or to save lots of time and effort in cleaning. There are even little places (like between the glass on your oven door) that may have never occurred to you to clean at all or that you didn’t know how to tackle. Check out these commonly mis-cleaned items, and see how many you haven’t been cleaning correctly all along.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Cleaning stainless, steel sinks requires more than a quick scrub, especially if you have a garbage disposal. Not only do you want to clean it with soap (like you probably already do) you also should scrub it down with baking soda and use a toothbrush on both sides of that disposal drain. Finally, you want to finish with an oil olive wipe down. Check out this tutorial for details.


Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards shouldn’t be washed with soap and water, so if that’s how your cleaning your wood boards, you’re doing it wrong. That method will crack and warp the wood, vastly decreasing the life of your cutting boards. If you are using lemon to clean your boards, you are half right. Lemon and coarse salt should be used. Here’s how.



You probably clean out your fridge from time to time, and you probably wipe down the inside at least every once and a while too. But the key to a really clean fridge is more than just a quick wipe down and inventory. This guide will give you detailed instructions not just on how to get your refrigerator really clean, but on how to keep it that way too.


Oven Hoods

If you remember to wipe down your oven hood at all, it probably isn’t getting all the greasy dust that accumulates up there. Things like oven hoods naturally get dusty, but the problem comes in when all that kitchen grease mixes with it, creating a sticky mess. There is an effective way to get rid of it and help prevent it coming back, however. Here’s how.



Did you even consider that your dishwasher needed to be cleaned too? If you did, you probably just added some vinegar to the wash cycle and thought you were good to go, but you should also be cleaning the bottom with baking soda too. Check out this detailed tutorial to see exactly how you should be cleaning your dishwasher.



You shouldn’t be spending tons of time awkwardly scrubbing out your microwave when it gets gunk on it. Save time and energy, and get your microwave much cleaner, with the lemon and vinegar method. For more detailed instructions, like exact times to microwave and steam, you can go here. There’s also an alternative cleaning method included in the explanation as well.


Glass Oven Door

Ovens. The most horrible thing to clean in the kitchen (unless you’ve left food in the fridge to long). And there are so many pieces of the oven to clean. You probably (grudgingly) clean the inside and the outside, including the glass door, but do you clean between the glass in the oven door? Did you even know there was a between? Here’s how to clean it.


Cleaning Closet

For all those various cleaning supplies, you need a well-organized storage area. Chances are your cleaning supplies are in various places in your house or apartment and probably just shoved on a shelf or in a closet. To remain organized in your cleaning, and easily get the supplies you need when you need them, you need to have them well-organized and in a central location. Here’s how.


Porcelain sinks

Porcelain sinks are, again, something you probably wipe down and don’t think much more about. But just giving them a wipe down doesn’t keep them clean and new. Over time, they will get dingy and stained with this method. To keep your porcelain sinks looking great all the time, this method is the one you should be using.



You may or may not clean your garbage disposal regularly, but you should. If your disposal is stinky, it’s most likely because you haven’t been cleaning it or cleaning it properly. There are two elements to easily clean a garbage disposal: citrus (like lemons), to kill germs and smells, and ice, to sharpen the blades and loosen trapped particles. You can make convenient disposal tablets using this tutorial.



Toasters get dirty too, and while you made be doing a quick wipe down of your toaster when you clean the kitchen, you probably aren’t getting it clean. Cream of tartar is great for getting toasters really clean and shiny. This how-to will explain to you exactly how to use it to clean your toaster. You’ll be shocked at the difference.



If your cabinet doors look dingy even after you wipe them down, it’s probably because you haven’t been dealing with the grease that gets on them from cooking. Grease gets everywhere, whether you notice it right away or not, and it’s tough to get rid of because most basic cleaners aren’t designed to cut through grease. However, you can make your own grease fighting cabinet cleaner with ease and just a few ingredients. Check it out.


Cookie Sheets

If you line your cookie sheets with foil, you can usually avoid most burnt on messes, but even then, sometimes things still get through, and you are left with what seems like impossible-to-clean cookie sheets. If you clean the sheets right, though, they are far from impossible to clean. In fact, you can keep them looking new. Here’s how.



Even if think you do a great job of cleaning your faucets (they are all shiny and spot free after all), you are probably missing the most important part. Calcium deposits can’t be cleaned by standard cleaning supplies and water, and they will clog up your faucet, making it not work as well. If you have hard water, you have these deposits. But the good news is, they aren’t hard to get rid of when you do it right. Check out how here.



Blenders can be a pain to clean, which means you are probably spending unneeded time cleaning your blender and may not even be doing as good of a job as quicker methods. There is an ultra simple way to clean your blender that is sure to get it cleaner than any other technique out there. Check these directions for how to pull it off.

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