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Clean House Tips for Pet Owners – Newswire (blog)

Clean House Tips for Pet Owners – Newswire (blog)

by spainops
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Take a look at these easy cleaning tips for new and existing pet owners to help you restore harmony to your home.

(Newswire.net — June 20, 2017) — For many, a house wouldn’t be a home without your furry friends. Whether that’s a dog, cat, fish or ferret, the number of households in the US that are home to domestic animals has risen year on year. According to statistics from the American Veterinary Medical Association, a staggering 36.5% of households own a dog and 30.4% home a cat, so keeping your house as hair free and pet-friendly as possible is key to getting the right balance for all your family members.

They might be cute and cuddly but they also bring a host of frustrations when keeping your house clean and tidy. Take a look at these easy prevention tips for new and existing pet owners to help you restore harmony to your home.

Manage pet hair

One of the reasons why you see clumps of hair sporadically around the house or you feel like you are constantly vacuuming the floors, is shedding. Hair shedding is a natural process for pets especially the most popular types such as dogs and cats. An easy preventive method is regular grooming, this process will help keep unruly hair at bay but unfortunately not all of it.

Cleaning pet hair from floors

Investing in a great vacuum is key to controlling the pet hair on your floor. The best vacuum for pets is one that has a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) to pick up the smallest dirt particles. Also using a vacuum on full suction and sometimes as necessary as on a daily basis will successfully remove dog hair from your carpet. Some vacuums you can also use on hard flooring but another tip is to try an electro static mop so the hair doesn’t get blown around.

Keep your pets paws clean

This might sound an obvious one but keep a towel nearby especially when they’ve been outside in the rain. Another tip after walks or adventure in the garden is to pop their paws into room temperature water to take of any excess mud or dirt and then dry with a towel. This is particularly handy during the winter months where sidewalks might have ice-melting agents on them.

Buy pet safe furniture

A great way to prevent hair sticking to furniture is to invest in pet-friendly upholstery. Things to look out for when choosing fabrics include semi-aniline, top grain leathers as these can easily be cleaned and any scratches disguised. For people that prefer fabric furniture choosing microfiber or microsuede materials helps keep pet hair at bay.

Clear stains quickly

If your pet has an accident particularly on carpet, it’s advisable to clean up as soon as you notice it. Stains such as cat urine can alter permanently alter the dye in the fabric so removing them quickly is key. If you need some help with pet stains, call a professional as they can offer advise on the best methods of removal.

Pet place mats

Some dogs and cats can make quite a mess when eating and drinking from their bowls so putting a pet-friendly placemat on the floor helps curb those spillages. They are super easy to clean, just pick up and wipe off. You can also get placemats to your match your flooring too.

Removal of pet hair from clothing

No-one likes to be covered in pet hair and it sometimes feels like a stressful task in removing Velcro-like hair from your clothing. An easy way to remove stubborn hair is investing in a tape roller, they are super affordable and always on hand. Lint brushes and dry sponges also work well and you should be able to pick one up on your next visit to the pet supply store.

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