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Cleaning tips using lavender oil – Starts at 60

Cleaning tips using lavender oil – Starts at 60

by spainops
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Lavender oil is readily accessible, and relatively affordable compared to other essential oils. You can get it in most large supermarkets in well-sized 100ml bottles, which last for ages as the oil is diluted for use. While lavender can be used as a cleaner, we find we use it most to freshen things up. That’s because lavender is a great deodoriser, but did you know that it is also antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic? That’s why cleaning with lavender oil is so awesome. Here are some tips:

Use lavender as a kitchen or bathroom cleaner

Lavender oil makes a great kitchen and bathroom cleaner for any household. Place 6 drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle filled with white vinegar, and you’re ready to go. This is particularly good for cleaning counter tops and bathroom and kitchen basins due to its disinfectant properties.

Turn lavender oil into dishwashing liquid

You can make your own lavender scented dish liquid by adding about 10 drops of lavender oil to a bottle of unscented dish liquid. Ensure it is unscented, as the scented bottles can mix with the lavender for a bit of a strange smell. You can adjust how strong you want the scent to be, just don’t use more than 10 drops of oil.

Make your own insect repellent

Lavender has properties in it which are effective in repelling insects. Place 3–5 drops of oil on cotton balls and leave in areas of infestation by insects such as ants, moths and cockroaches. It’s even safe enough to put in your pantry. Although lavender oil won’t kill the insects, it will keep them away.

Freshen up scented clothes & linen

According to Stay At Home Mum, you can scent your clothes and linen by putting 10 drops of lavender oil on a small piece of cloth and placing it in your drawers and cupboards. You can also put the lavender scented cloth in with clothes in the dryer, and they will come out smelling gorgeous! Do the same to freshen up cupboards, such as the one under your sink.

DIY room spray

Put 10 drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle with water and a teaspoon of vodka (or methylated spirits). It will absolutely make your house smell clean and fresh, plus, it repels bugs too!

Have you tried these tricks before? Do you have any cleaning tips to share?


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