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13 Cures for an Impossibly Dirty Bathtub

13 Cures for an Impossibly Dirty Bathtub

by spainops
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Cleaning a dirty bathtub is no one’s idea of a good time (I hope), but it’s gotta be done. Because you know what’s worse than cleaning a dirty bathtub? Bathing in one. Ick! So we’ve compiled a list of sure-fire ways to get a gunky bathtub glistening again. Whether your problem is rust, dirty jets or a clogged drain, use these bathtub cleaning tips to make your tub sparkle.

13 Surefire Bathtub Cleaning Tips

Dirty Bathtub Cleaning Tips

Remove mold from your bathtub caulk without scrubbing. No, really! Just soak cotton balls, cloth strips or cotton coils (used for perms) in bleach water, apply it around the edge of the bathtub and let it sit overnight. When you wake up, your bathtub will be mold-free.

moldy bathtub

Usually, my husband cleans the drain, but the first time I had to do it myself, I had no idea how to unclog it. This tutorial on how to clean a bathtub drain helped so much. It’s a little gross, but hair clogs happen to the best of us.

bathtub drain

For the best ever bath and shower cleaner, you have to try this Dawn dish soap and vinegar mixture. Simply add equal parts dish soap and vinegar to a spray bottle, shake it up, and spray it on. You don’t need to let it sit long unless you have really tough stains. When you wipe it away (no scrubbing required), you’re left with a sparkling clean bathtub!

bath and shower cleaner

Jetted tubs present their own challenges — how do you get the gunk out of those jets? Oh Yuk (affiliate link) cleans the slime and grime from the plumbing of the jetted tub, making cleanup a breeze. You’ll be surprised at the icky stuff that comes out of your jets!

cleaning jetted tub

If you’ve ever lived in an older home, you know the tubs are not usually perfect when you move in. The tubs and showers in this home were covered in rust… stains that might scare most of us away. But with the combination of the Dawn and vinegar mixture above followed by a magic eraser, the homeowner was able to remove rust from the bathtub once and for all.

rusty bathtub

Or just a magic eraser might do the trick if your tub isn’t too dirty (and if you don’t mind a few minutes of elbow grease). It’s what we use on ours 90% of the time, and it leaves the tub sparkling white. We like this method best because there’s no messy, goopy cleaners to wipe up.

magic eraser

Make a simple tub, tile and grout cleaner out of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap. Who knew you could do so much with those three ingredients?

homemade bathroom cleaner

One thing you already have in your kitchen can get your jacuzzi tub sparkling clean. Can you guess what it is? Dishwasher tablets! People swear by them. If you try this trick, let us know how it works for you!

jacuzzi tub

Or one Pinterest user filled the jacuzzi with hot water and 2 cups of Cascade Complete, ran it for 10 minutes and got a super clean tub.


Baking soda and vinegar alone will get your jetted tub clean, too. After scrubbing the tub with baking soda, fill it with water and add a few cups of vinegar before turning on the jets.

vinegar and baking soda

If you’re looking for an all-purpose all-natural bathroom cleaner that smells great, try this combo of water, baking soda, Castille soap and essential oils.

all natural cleaner

Some say that a grapefruit dipped in salt is a great bathtub scrubber. It didn’t work on ours when I tried it, but we have hard water. I think if your bathtub just needs a gentle scrubbing, this would work just fine, and it’s bound to smell fantastic.

grapefruit dipped in salt

Scrubbing Bubbles has never failed us when it comes to removing bathtub gunk. I love that when you let it sit for 5 minutes or so, all you have to do is wipe it off, no scrubbing required. This should be used in well-ventilated bathrooms, though, because the scent is rather strong.

scrubbing bubbles

So, do you have any miracle bathtub cleaning tips you’d like to share? Send them to us, or let us know on our Facebook page!

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