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News St. Clair Applies For Storm And Wastewater Grant
The engineering firm Anderson, Eckstein and Westrick will apply for a $535,000 Stormwater, Asset Management, Wastewater – SAW – grant for the city of St. Clair through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Michigan Finance Authority. … Read News

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News L.I. Homeowners Stuck Cleaning Up Mystery Oil Slick
Homeowners on Long Island were stuck cleaning up a slick that was left in their basement after someone made an oil delivery to the wrong address. … Read News

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News HARP-ing On
City-run program to repair shabby homes is under federal investigation. by Toby Sells New rules and a new home outside Memphis government are likely on the way to clean up a city-run program tasked with cleaning up some of the city's rundown homes. A federal investigation is under way of the now-suspended Housing and Rehabilitation Program (HARP).… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on … Read News