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News U.S. Ambassador To Meet India's Modi, Ending Isolation
By Frank Jack Daniel NEW DELHI (Reuters) – The U.S. ambassador to New Delhi is to meet the Hindu nationalist who could be India's next prime minister, softening Washington's stance towards a man denied a U.S. visa nearly a decade ago. Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, is considered the favorite to form a government after a general election due by May. He is also the chief minister … Read News

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News Explore All The Sides Of Valentine’s Day
By: Sten Spinella UConn students will be in the mood for love today, and some will certainly (maybe) wonder why it is this day — the 14th of February — is known for romance. … Read News

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News U.S. Envoy Meets India's Modi, Signaling End Of Boycott
By Frank Jack Daniel GANDHINAGAR, India (Reuters) – With flowers, smiles and handshakes, the United States and the man tipped to be India's next prime minister ended on Thursday a long estrangement stemming from a spasm of Hindu-Muslim violence more than a decade ago. The U.S. Ambassador to India, Nancy Powell, met opposition leader Narendra Modi on Thursday at his residence in Gandhinagar, the … Read News