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News The IPhone Habit: Apps That Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions
With the new year upon us, a lot of us are looking at our habits–good ones we want to pick up and bad ones we want to give up. There is some science supporting the idea that, if you do something on a daily basis for a month (or two or three), it will become a habit and so be a lot easier to do regularly from then on. read more … Read News

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News Capitola Esplanade In Line For Wider Sidewalk
CAPITOLA — One or two of the coveted parking spaces on the Esplanade next to Capitola beach may have to be eliminated to make way for a wider sidewalk to comply with laws on accessibility for people with disabilities. … Read News

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News Funds Drying Up To Check For Toxic Leaks Near Lake Marion
Taxypayers will likely be forced to pay millions to monitor Sumter County dump in future … Read News