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News Santa Monica, Other Cities Seek Water Independence
Since 2010, Santa Monica has doled out 385 rebates to homeowners who direct rainwater back into their gardens as part of a broader effort to become water independent that also includes cleaning up contaminated groundwater and recycling water. … Read News

Green Cleaning Companies

News America's Energy Edge
MODERATOR: Hello, everyone. Good afternoon. Could I have your attention? Thank you. We're about to get started. Just a few quick announcements. A reminder, today's meeting is on the record. It is being streamed live on and on the council's YouTube channel. … Read News

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News Cleanup Of Silicon Valley Superfund Site Takes Environmental Toll
*/ Below some of the world’s most expensive real estate, in the heart of Silicon Valley, pipes and pumps suck thousands of gallons of contaminated water every hour from vast underground toxic pools. This story was produced in a collaboration between The Center for Investigative Reporting and the Guardian US . Related: Six things to know about CIR's Superfund investigation The weak points in the … Read News